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Jessica says that she never got the whole "having your kids picture taken with Santa" thing. That was until she adopted her furry girl :) Her Name Is Frannie

Hey Frannie... Shiner wants to know if Santa's real?!?!

If he is... Shiner was kinda hoping you could keep him there for a bit, to give Lamb Chop and him a little more quality time. 
May be you could talk to Santa about getting you a dog park, or something like that for Christmas.

Mind you Shiners got some pretty cool T-Shirts... like the one that says; Born FREE... Now Expensive, or his Doggy Astrology eBook and Licky Face Doggy Screen Savers to get.

But you need to be careful of those Stuffy Animals!  

They look cute... but they'll break your heart!

dog cartoon
Lee Romanov says; "When you combine 'Technology' with 'Content' even a dog can make money online.

I'm hoping Shiner's online success shows you, if he can do it, you can too. Others with online businesses could also learn a trick or two from Shiner."
Call me at 949 545-4211 if you have any questions, or go to
Thanks, Lee Romanov

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