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30% of pets require medical treatment yearly. 60% experience a major health problem in their lifetime.





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Pet Care



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If a pet becomes sick or is injured what is covered?


Accident & illness


Accident & illness


Accident & illness


Accident & Illness

If a pet becomes sick or is injured what is NOT covered?


Pre-existing conditions
Hip-Dysplasia-optional coverage for new puppies and kittens


Pre-existing conditions


Pre-existing conditions
Foreseeable conditions


Pre-existing conditions

Foreseeable conditions

Amount Paid


Vetinsurance pays 90% of an approved claim, less the veterinary exam fee.


Pet Care will pay 80% or 90%, depending on plan choice. If you choose 90% you will pay higher rates, and c overage will reduce to 80% as pet ages.


Petsecure will pay 80% of an approved claim after the deductible has been satisfied and until the pet reaches each per incident limit. Also the amount paid will decrease if the coverage has been reduced by “Claims Risk Management” (see below).


Coverage up to 80% of $5,000 per incident / per year + your deductible.


Coverage on all illnesses up to 80% of $5,000 per incident / per year + your deductible.




$20,000 over lifetime, with NO limits per year, claim, illness, procedure, or condition


12 Lifetime illness categories each have $3,000 coverage limit
$2,500 lifetime coverage for each accident, up to $36,000
Plans with higher limits are available with increased premiums


$1,000 - $5,000 per accident limit. $1,000 -$5,000 per illness condition limit each year. $200 - $400 limit for dental illness and prevention with a one year waiting period for pets over 5 years of age. $350 limit per category for special coverage (eg. Alternative treatment).


You can claim 1 accidents per year!


You can claim unlimited illness’ per year.



Vetinsurance does not impose a deductible, but pet owners can choose to lower premiums by selecting a per condition deductible.


Deductible starts at $100 per year and increases in stages to $250 per year as pet ages. 


Depending on the plan and age of the pet, pet owners are required to have a minimum deductible starting at $100, $300 or $500 per year. 


Payable once yearly if a claim is made. $100 for a pet under 5 years of age. $250 for a pet between 5 and 10 years of age. $500 for a pet over the age of 10. An illness deductible is ONLY paid once per year no matter how many claims you have.


How Many Programs To Choose From


Vet Insurance has only 1 program to select from, but you can choose different deductibles in order to lower your payment costs.


Pet Care Insurance has 11 programs to choose from. This offers you a GREAT selection both in pricing and coverage.


PetSecure has 4 different programs. One that should suit any pet. Your main question is; Monthly price, deductible, and do I insure for the unexpected; e.g. Cancer?


PC Insurance has 4 different programs you can choose from.

Will you be penalized for filing claims?




Yes. Similar to auto insurance if you make claims, your rates may increase. You are limited per illness category, once it runs out; you are no longer covered for that illness category.


Yes. Petsecure’s “Claims Risk Management” clause (Form TC_PS2009) explains how Petsecure conducts semi-annual analysis to see if your pet has a high level of claim frequency and costs. If so, your amount paid will be reduced for future claims. The minimum amount paid would be 50%.



Will you be penalized for your pet aging?




Yes. Deductible will increase until it reaches $250, and your co-insurance will decrease.


Yes. Deductible will increase until it reaches $500, $700 or $900 per year depending on option selected. See the examples below:


Yes, your deductable goes from $100 to $500 based

on your pets age.

What will cause premiums to increase?


Inflation of Veterinary Medicine.


Inflation of Veterinary Medicine.

Filing claims.


 Inflation of Veterinary Medicine.


Inflation of Veterinary Medicine.

Changing Plans. Even if you upgrade to a better plan, you pet is reassessed as if you were a brand new customer.


What sets us apart from other insurance companies.


·         Pays 90% of your claim.

·         You can add a higher deductible for specific illnesses, which can lower your monthly payments.

·         30 day money back guarantee (less any claims).

·         Multiple pet discounts.


·         Flexible range of programs to meet the needs of your pet(s) and you budget.

·         Unlimited lifetime accident coverage.

·         Up to $84,000 lifetime illness coverage.

·         Coverage for hereditary conditions available.


·         Premiums DO NOT increase due to pet aging.

·         Guaranteed acceptance into a PetCare program for all of your pets.

·         Includes; Trip cancellation insurance, boarding kennel fees, coverage for prescription food, microchip discounts, etc.

·         Multiple pet discounts.


·         4 Flexible plans to choose from, with adjustable deductibles.

·         Pays 80% of your claim.

·         If you are hospitalized and cannot care for your pet - $1,000 per incident.

·         Recover up to $1,000 for trip cancellation if your pet requires life saving treatment.

·         Cremation and Burial – up to $1,000.

·         Lost pet advertising – up to $1,000 per incident.

·         In Memoriam donation - $50.

·         Multiple pet discounts.


·         4 Flexible plans to choose from.

·         Coverage for all breeds and all ages.

·         Age of your pet does not affect your premium.

·         No set up fee to start you policy.

·         Multiple pet discounts.

·         Emergency boarding fees for your pet if you are hospitalized.

·         Advertising and reward costs if your pet is lost.

·         Compensation if you lose your pet to a covered accident or illness.




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