I can't imagine a dog who enjoys wearing a Dog Muzzle.                                                                                      ***Click to See How Stewie is Making Money.
In Ontario, Canada there are dogs that must wear muzzles. It's the law.
The unfortunate few are: 

 If your dog is caught not wearing a muzzle, and you happen to live in Toronto, the owners can receive up to a $5,000 fine.  

What's even more up setting is that even if your dog isn't a Pit Bull, Pit Bull Mix, or Staffordshire Terrier,
but could be mistaken as one, this gives lawmakers and enforcement officers the right to declare your dog
to be in the same category as a Pit Bull and you must then adhere to the same restrictions.
Even if your dog's bloodline does not conform to the breeds mentioned above, unless you as an owner can
prove that your dog is purebred and belongs to a breed not related to the Pit Bull, your dog could be at risk.
So let's say you had a bad hair day. To me it's like saying . . . if you're a girl, but if a city counselor thinks you look like a boy,
you have to use the boy's washroom. Even when you fix your hair, and look like a girl again, the decision has been made.
You're not a girl, you're a boy.
A Muzzle Order is issued when ever a dog gets into a scuffle and a bite occurs.
Usually it falls on the poor vet to report it.

That's what happened to Stewie. 

A friend was walking Stewart; they walked through a gate and were surprised by a dog on the other side.
Stewie grabbed the dog and held it down. The dog owner took their dog to the vet.
Their dog was fine, but the vet reported the incident.  
I received a muzzle order and was in the process of contesting it, until I was told there was a 30 day window in which to fight it.
I was passed that time frame and as a result the Muzzle Oder is in effect for the rest of Stewie's life. 
If you find yourself in a similar position and are ordered to use a Dog Muzzle, regardless of the nature or breed of your dog
do your research and search for a comfortable Dog Muzzle.
Here's my attempt at trying to make a scary muzzle look friendlier.
There are many options and well worth you effort to search out the advetsisers who supply Dog Muzzles for Pit Bulls,
Pit Bull Mixes, Staffordshire Terriers and the unfortunate dogs that fall between the cracks, like Stewie.

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