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Here's my collection of the funniest dog videos I've ever found or created myself.

Watch as my bull terrier and other fierce bull terries stand their own when times are tough or just fool around clowns.

It's A Dog's Life

A classic movie from the past, impressive performances from both human and canine actors.

Richard Gere Resembles My Dog Stewie

My dog Stewie is Richard Gere's twin, if only he needed a 4 legged stunt double.

Bull Terrier Saves Surfer

A surfer in peril, can he be saved?

Dog Meets Cat

Dog is trying to turn his life around but keeps bumping into the cat.

Bull verses Bull Terrier

Size doesn't matter when you have no concept of size.

Tom & Jerry . . . the Real Life Cat, Mouse & Dog Love Fest

A pet trio you have to see to believe.

Elephant Loves Dog . . .

Dogs always forget, but elephants never forget.

Elephant Artist

He's a better artist than me so I'm trying to teach my dog to paint.

Dogs Having A Ball

Two dogs showing that you don't need technology to have fun.

Shiner's Halloween Video

Bull Terror VS Black Cat. . .  Is this CAT the Devil?

Who Spiked The Christmas Water?!?

Shiner meets the Lady in Black 

Born To Be Wild

By the NOT Normal Orchestre Surreal

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